Non-Linear Load transformers

Non-linear load transformers are rated for 600V and below and typically range from 15 to 1000 kVA. K-rated and harmonic mitigating transformers provide solutions to the negative effects of harmonics and total harmonic distortion (THD) in a distribution network.


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Drive Isolation
Drive isolation transformer

Delta drive isolation transformers provide the required voltage change for the demands of AC and DC variable speed drives. The insulation between the primary and secondary windings provides electrical isolation between the supply and the load.

Harmonic Mitigating
Harmonic mitigating transformer

The Mitigator e-Series harmonic mitigating transformer is designed to mitigate harmonics present in modern commercial, institutional, and industrial environments. The field adjustable phase shifting option is first in its class, allowing increased flexibility on site.

K-Rated transformer

K-rated energy efficient transformers are designed to tolerate heating generated by harmonics.They are rated for 600 volts and below and are designed and tested for non-linear load applications.