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Delta Transformers manufactures a variety of dry-type transformers and reactors to meet a wide range of applications


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open and enclosed control transformers

Control transformers provide a high degree of secondary voltage stability (regulation) during a brief period of overload condition.

Low voltage distribution
two dry type distribution transformers and a mini power center

Low voltage distribution transformers are available from 3 - 1500 kVA, rated for 600 volts and below. They are designed for commercial, institutional, or industrial applications.

Medium voltage distribution
open style medium voltage dry type transformer

Dry-type medium voltage transformers are rated for 4160 volts, up to 35 kV, and are primarily used for commercial, institutional, or industrial applications.

Non-linear load
three grey transformers

Non-linear load transformers are rated for 600V and below, in the typical range of 15 to 1000kVA. K-rated and harmonic mitigating transformers provide solutions to the negative effects of harmonics and Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) in a distribution network.


Reactors are designed to address both line side and load side issues generally associated with AC drive applications.