Mini Power Centers

The mini power center is a small substation offering quality, economy, and flexibility. It comes in a sprinkler-proof 3R-type enclosure. The mini power center is comprised of an epoxy-encapsulated transformer with a distribution panel fitted with the necessary primary and secondary circuit breakers. The 2-piece construction allows the transformer to be removed without affecting the panel wiring.
mini power center door open
  • Ratings: 5 – 25 kVA Single Phase, 9 – 30 kVA three phases
  • Windings: Copper
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Temperature Class: 115oC
  • Insulation system: 180oC
  • Enclosure Type: 3R
  • Certification: CSA
  • Warranty: 12 months*

* 12 / 18 month warranty: 12 months from energizing \ 18 months after shipment which ever date comes first.

Delta Product Catalogue
Instruction manual for installation, operation, and maintenance of dry type distribution transformers


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