Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Delta Transformers Inc. is dedicated to continuously improving our ability to anticipate, identify and consistently satisfy the collective needs of our customers, suppliers, employees, and other interested parties.

To maintain a leadership position as a supplier of quality power solutions, including transformers, complementary products, and services, we are committed to maintaining our ISO 9001 Quality Management System and applicable requirements at all plants globally to:

  • Adopt the best quality practices and technologies.
  • Promote ownership, responsibility, and accountability for quality among all employees and management.
  • Ensure employee awareness of quality initiatives through formal training and communication programs.
  • Transform product and service quality through:
    • setting and reviewing measurable quality objectives and performance targets,
    • collecting, analyzing and utilizing quality data,
    • actioning opportunities and mitigating risk and,
    • reviewing the Quality Policy for continuing suitability.


ISO 9001:2015 ABS Quality Evaluations
CSA Certificate of Compliance - Distribution
CSA Certificate of Compliance - Power
CSA Certificate of Compliance - Mini Power Centres
CSA Certificate of Compliance - Hazardous Locations

Purchase Order General Terms and Conditions

Download our full Purchase Order General Terms and Conditions here.

General liability and warranty

In lieu of any warranty, condition or liability implied by law, our liability in respect of any defect in or failure of the goods supplied, or for any loss, injury or damage attributable there to, is limited to making good by replacement or repair defects which under proper use appear therein to arise solely from our fault design, materials or workmanship within a period twelve calendar months after the original goods shall have been first dispatched, at the termination of which period all liability on our part ceases: provided always that such defective parts are promptly returned free to our place of manufacture unless otherwise arranged.

The repaired or new parts will be delivered free of charge at our place of manufacture. In the case of goods not of our manufacture, you are entitled only to such benefits as we receive under any guarantee given to us in respect thereof.

Save as in this clause herein before expressed, we shall be under no liability in contract, lost or otherwise for any person injury, howsoever caused by or resulting from anything done or omitted in connection with the goods or any work in connection therewith.

Force majeure

We shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from causes beyond our reasonable control, including without limitation fire, strike civil or military authority, insurrection or riot, embargoes, car shortage, wrecks or delays in transportation, lack or failure of source of supply. Under reserve of the foregoing receipt of the apparatus by you shall constitute a waiver of all claims for loss or damage due to delay.

Product Type Warranty period
General Purpose Transformers 10 years
1 Phase 3-333 kVA, 150°C 480 V and 600 V Primary
120/240 V Secondary. Enclosure Type 1 and Type 2
3 Phase 6-600 kVA, 150°C 480 V and 600 V Primary
240Y/139 V or 208Y/120 V Secondary. Enclosure Type 3R
All others 12 / 18 months *
Enviro-Guard 10 years
3 Phase 15-300 kVA, 115°C 480 V and 600 V Primary
208Y/120 V or 480Y/277 V Secondary. Enclosure Type 3R
All others 12 / 18 months *
Commercial Series Transformers 12 months*
Auto Transformers
Mini Power Transformers
Special Transformers
Epoxy-Potted Transformers 10 years
Non Linear Loads Transformers 10 years
K-Rated Transformers
Variable Speed Drive Transformers
Computer Application Isolated Transformers
Super Isolated Transformers
Zero Sequence Filters Transformers
Mitigator Series Transformers 10 years
Special Transformers 12 months*
Power Transformers 12 / 18 months*
Up to 15 MVA and 34.5 kv Class
Reactors 10 years
NOVA Reactors
Control Transformers 15 years
Orion & Atria Control Transformers

* 12 / 18 Months Warranty: 12 months from energizing / 18 months after shipment whichever date comes first.

* Extended warranty available on request