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The Orion line of industrial open core and coil control transformers is designed for applications where high inrush or machine tool duty is not necessary. They are ideally suited for general purpose and light duty loads including machine automation, motor control circuits, HVAC applications, circuit isolation, and lighting.

Transformateur à noyau-bobine ouvert
  • System Voltage Ratings: Molded terminal blocks for primary and secondary connections from 50VA up to 3000VA or 30 amps
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz (60 Hz on DCO***UH and DCO***QC)
  • Insulation system: Up to 1500 VA: 80°C rise,130°C temperature class (B) 2000 to 5000 VA: 115°C rise, 180°C temperature class (F)
  • Material: Copper wound coils with high dielectric strength insulation.
  • Termination: Coil fact termination over 3000VA or 30 amps
  • Construction: Terminal blocks utilize a combination slot/Philips #6 screw with SEMS washer. Coil face terminations utilize a ¼-20 UNC X 0.50” slot/Philips screw and a spring lock washer.
  • Standards: NEMA
  • Certification: CSA Certified, UL Listed, CE Marked and RoHS Compliant.
  • Warranty: 15 year

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