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Delta Transformers Inc. specializes in the design and manufacturer of transformers for a large range of applications such as:


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Distribution Transformers

Delta Transformers Inc. offers a complete range of general purpose, standard and custom transformers. This family of products available in either copper or aluminum windings includes products such as:

Please note that the COMA series in the Commercial section are discontinued and replaced by the DA series, the contents of the information on this site is for informational purposes only.

Non Linear Load Products

Non Linear Load Transformers

Due to the technological developments of the past 30 years, electricity is no longer used in the same way. Delta Transformers Inc. develops solutions to modern electrical problems caused by harmonics, electrical noises, voltage surges and power outages. Delta Transformers Inc. products are specially designed for each type of non-linear loads such as:

Power Products

Power Transformers

Delta Transformers Inc. has a complete range of power transformers for industrial, commercial and institutional applications.

From 300KVA to 15 000KVA and classed up to 34,5kV, 150KV BIL and especially designed for:

  • Indoor use
  • Outdoor use
  • Core+coil conception for OEM
  • Replacement of existing transformer ( oil or dry)

In comparison to a transformer that is cooled by liquid, the dry type transformer offers important environmental advantages. The dry type DELTA transformer minimizes the risk of toxic smoke in case of fire plus eliminates the risk of contamination resulting from chemical product spills.

The installation costs are reduced because of the elimination of a retention basin and of the possibility of installing the dry type DELTA transformer close to the distribution centre. This characteristic lets you save on high intensity conductors and on the bus joints. The modular construction of the enclosure makes it easier to access, install and assure maintenance of the transformer. The DELTA approach lets us build transformers with reduced losses and a better voltage regulation to be able to save on its operation during the life of your equipment.

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Control Transformers


Discontinued products

These products are discontinued and no longer available for order. They are only listed for informative purposes.