Delta Transformers inc.

225KVA 600 208-120 130°C K20 e-Gold -30° C802.2 TY3R

Technical specifications
# product catalog: CZ6C0225 S912117
Certification: CSA
Category: Non Linear Load Products
Sub-category: Mitigator Series
Number of phase: 3
Power: 225 kVA
Frequency: 60
Number of electrostatic shields: 1
Temperature: 130°C
K-Factor 20
Configuration primary winding: Delta
Configuration secondary winding: Z (-30°)
Primary Voltage: 600
Secondary Voltage: 208Y/120
Height: 46.0
Width: 44.0
Depth: 23.0
Enclosure: 3R
Material: CU
Certified CSA C802.2: Oui

Technical Documentation

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